Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Current Situation...

I thought it would be nice to switch things up around here and let y'all get to know me a little bit better with a "Currently" post. To give some insight to how I spend my time at home. 

Currently I'm...
// Loving the fact that I'm home before 5:30 PM. At my old job I left work at 5, had to drive an hour home, and by 6 PM doing the nightly routine with the kids (and making dinner) was so stressful. I love that after work I still have time to play with the kids and still get dinner prepared without stressing about time to get the kids ready for bed! 

Reading "Gates of Paradise" by Melissa De La Cruz. It's the final book in the Blue Bloods series. I absolutely love this series (and the writer!) Highly recommend

// Feeling really good today actually. A week ago I would've said I was anxious, stressed, and nervous about changes. Today I'm feeling really wonderful. 

Watching Curious George. Don't judge, the kids are enjoying it. It's just background noise for me. 

// Writing this post!

// Listening to the TV in the back ground and the kids playing with each other while they watch. As I type this I also hear Zander yell at me, "MOMMY! Ainsley pooped in her diaper!" Great... 

// Wanting someone else to change the baby's diaper. Why does it seem like I'm the only one around when it's time for a diaper change? I also want a really big strawberry milkshake. 

// Needing a new car. Well, a second car really. All we have is Josh's. It's been working carpooling to work, and I have rides to get home, but life would be so much easier with a second car in the family. 

// Hoping the kids go to  bed easily tonight. Lately Ainsley enjoys her new-found freedom of the toddler bed, so bed time has been spent taking her back to bed for at least 30 minutes post tucking in. 

// Avoiding folding laundry. I washed clothes on Sunday, and they've been sitting in the dryer going through the tumble daily to get wrinkles out when we need a shirt or pants. 

// Trying to come up with a really good gift idea for my friend's bridal shower this weekend. Any suggestions would be helpful, because this is my first bridal shower. 

// Hating the fact that Zander is so incredibly whiney lately. I know he's testing limits, but I would really love if this phase would just go away. I'm so frustrated with the whining. Especially when he does it because I tell him "no" on something. 

// Missing my Grandma. A lot. I really wanted to call her when I got off of probation last week, but I know she already knew the news so that made me smile. 

// Thinking that I should really start cooking dinner instead of writing this, but I'm almost done (and dinner is burgers so Josh will be on the grill anyway... the veggies are easy!) 

// Considering taking two vacations next year. We usually only go on one to see Josh's family in New Jersey. Next year we'll still be going to see them, but it'll be for his younger brother's wedding. I want a real vacation.. on a beach.. or in the mountains.. something fun the kids will enjoy. 
What are y'all doing "currently"? I really love reading posts like this because I'm such a creeper!


  1. I always wish someone else could change the diapers for me! And my four year old is super whiny lately too... Must be the age :)

  2. I have like 3 loads of laundry I need to do right now!

  3. Pretty sure the whiny thing is a stage.....fingers crossed right???

  4. Folding the laundry is always the worst part! ;) I usually pop in a movie or something and fold away. Oh the joys, haha!

  5. I hate folding laundry... That's why Philip does it instead haha!