Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mom Confessions and Mom Wishes

Morning, Y'all. Today I'm following in Meagan's footsteps and sharing some confessions. The ones she shared here were amazing, and so very true for probably a lot of moms out there.

I confess that... 
+ I still let Ainsley take a pacifier to bed. She's 18 (almost 19 months) and only uses it for nighttime. I would've been the same way with Zander but he got rid of his on his own. NO! I do not allow her to keep one with her throughout the day, it's just at bedtime. Yes, the doctors have said to get rid of it (thanks, Josh for actually telling the doctor), but in my opinion: it's not keeping her from talking, it's not hurting anyone, and it helps her get to sleep without difficulty. 

+ I sneak veggies in foods. Both kids are on a "non-veggie kick" so I have to sneak veggies into things like meatloaf and smoothies. 

+ I get way too frustrated lately that Ainsley is in a toddler bed and she insists on trying to come into the living room instead of sleeping. 

+ I try so hard not to talk about myself badly because I don't want my kids to think anything other than they're beautiful, talented, amazing, and creative. 
+ I breastfed Ainsley, but didn't breastfeed Zander. Also, with Ainsley I was not shy about it at all. I was the obnoxious mom that would whip out a boob in public and feed her in Target if she was hungry. I was not the least bit shy about it, and I'm not the least bit guilty that one baby was a bottle baby and the other wasn't. 

+ I refuse to get on the cloth diaper train. I already do enough laundry (and even that doesn't get folded weekly). I'm not adding more to the mix! 

+ I have dishes in my sink from Monday's dinner. I know I need to wash them, but playing with my kids lately has been way more important. 

+ I haven't shaved my legs in over a week. Yep, #hairy. I don't care though because it's almost cool weather and I can't even wear dresses to work anymore anyways because I work in a glue factory. 

+ Zander went with me to my 6 week post natal check up after I had Ainsley, and yes he saw everything. Ever since then he's known girls have a vagina and boys have a penis, and we don't have silly names for them (like hoo-hoo dilly's). We tell it like it is in our house. Penis and Vagina aren't bad words, and kids need to know they're OK to talk about. (favorite post here) <- seriously, y'all go read this.

I have so much more,  but it could go on for way too long if I continue, so we'll leave you with this:
In the spirit of Wednesdays and confessionals, on Wednesdays we make wishes as well.

My wish is that society quits giving moms such a hard time for parenting the way that they want to.

Moms know their kids better than anyone. They know their quirks, personalities, etc. I wish more moms would realize just how truly special their kids really are. Don't worry so much about if you're doing a good job or not; you ARE! Happy Wednesday, y'all. If you're one of my fellow Mama Bloggers, you're awesome and don't let anyone tell you differently! But please share you're confessions, because these are hilarious.

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  1. AMEN! You just reminded me...I need to shave. Ehhhh. Who am I kidding? I love fall!!!

  2. Wait you can't have a pacifier after a certain age? Huh, I had mine till I was 3 and then I lost it because I thought I'd be sneaky and take it to day care with me...
    I'm not even a mom, but cloth diapering grosses me out...I would not want to deal with that.

  3. I loved cloth diapering Kenzie. I just kept running into some issues so I stopped! Cant wait to cd Mina though!

  4. I love your confessions but love your wish even more! And shaving... yea right. Only if I am wearing a dress, and that only happens for weddings. :)

  5. I definitely agree with the pacifier thing, also... the diaper thing! I'm afraid that my MIL will want to buy a subscription for me... and no, no no no no!

  6. Amen on your wish!!! And OMG #hairy - hilarious!!! My confession would be - I only shaved to my knees LOL!!

  7. Every parent is different. Every child is different. No one should judge anyone for doing what works with their own kids.