Monday, September 15, 2014

Talking to Myself...

...except not really...
Today marks the first day for Amanda's fun new linkup "Conversations". She has been so sweet to ask me to co-host this link up, and of course I said yes! I was pretty excited when she shared the details with me, and the best part is they're SO SIMPLE, y'all!! Here's the deal: It's a twice a month link up on the 15th and 30th of every month... and it's simple: Just share any conversation.

To kick off the start to #MyConversations (use this hashtag with any social medial!) We're going back in time for this conversation. Back to 2006.

Knock on Wood

"That one time when I had to change my tire"
Let's set the scene, shall we? It's either very late at night (or very early in the morning... depending on how you look at it). It's raining. There's three people in my car: Me, Amanda, and our friend (we'll call him C). This is my first car ever, and the three of us had been enjoying new found freedom since I was the only one with a car out of the three of us.

Well, early in the morning ( / late at night) Amanda had to get home. She was in a new apartment and trying to tell me how to get back to it since I couldn't remember. With the rain though, it was difficult to see; we missed a turn and I ended up hitting a curb which of course, as luck would have it, turned into a blown tire. My first blown tire ever!

As it turns out... none of us knew how to change a tire. C still gets crap about never changing a tire, since he was the only guy with us and as a guy he should've known. Right? Right. After the three of us stared at the spare in the trunk forever, I decided to finally call for help. Except, none of us had triple A either.
The phonecall I'll never forget...
Me: Hey, any chance Mommy is still up? We blew a tire. ((No WAY I was calling the house phone at ungodly hours so I called my sister to talk to my mom!)) I'm a thinker.
Sis: hold on, I'll get her
Mom: Baby? you ok? What's going on?
Me: Welllllllll (I then explain what happened to the tire) And none of us know how to change the tire.
Mom: I can't come get you though. There's no room. And the baby is asleep.
Me: Well, can you walk us through it? We don't know where to start.
Mom: *insert uncontrollable laughter here* Sorry, I know it's not funny but this isn't the conversation I expected to have, ever!
[at this point we're soaked]
My mom does go on and walks us through how to change the flat, but to this day, if she sees C or I talk about Amanda she asks "have you changed any flats lately?" Thanks for being so loving, mom.

"Lady" My first car, ever

Grateful Heart Monday linkup
It's also Monday today, y'all and in the spirit of being grateful (with Emily at Ember Grey), I would like to say I'm very grateful that my mom was still awake that night. Now I know how to change a tire, and I have this hilarious memory.

If you'd like to share one of your conversations, please add the link to your post below! We can't wait to read them! 


  1. That was so funny! Well, at least it is now. I remember freaking out for a minute too and once we got the tire changed, we all ended up at my apartment and I gave you both towels to dry off a little.

    Sometimes you gotta learn things the hard way :)

  2. Ohhh I'm happy I've never had to change a tired. Also that we have AAA. But then again - that's a good memory/adventure and now you know!

  3. hahaha!!! I totally don't know how to change a flat, not at all. My dad got me a cell phone and a AAA membership the second I started driving - all because I think deep down he knows I'd never be able to do it haha!! So proud of you girls though!!!!

  4. Cool link up! My very first vehicle was a old mazda 626. Which WAY later down the road I ended getting a newer one, which also was a piece of shit!

  5. That is really funny. I have had my fair share of flat tires, but I also have always had AAA. This girl couldn't change a flat if she needed to...Mom's are the best are't they!!

  6. Moms are awesome!! When my car engine died in the middle lane of rush hour traffic and cars were blasting past me on both sides, blaring on horns and giving me the finger, I called my mom too. I don't know what I thought she could do, but doesn't it show that it's just instinct? Moms fix things! :)

  7. Hahaha...parents are always so encouraging! At least your mom came to the phone. My Dad prob would've ignored my sis if I was in that situation. :) He would've said "remember when I taught you how to change a tire? do it!"