Monday, September 8, 2014

Why Am I So Tired?

My husband asked me this the other day, "Why are you so tired all the time lately?" My knee jerk response was "work is just wearing me out". He was mostly asking for concern because when I take my glasses off at night to go to bed, I have huge, noticable, dark circles under my eyes. Like almost to the point where it looks like I've been beaten!

After I had answered though, it got me thinking. Is that really the entire reason why I'm so tired? The answer is no. No, it is not the whole reason. I didn't tell him then because we were going to bed and all of this was swimming through my mind. I already have a habit of telling him about my day as we lay down and he's trying to go to sleep, so I didn't want to spew more information than was needed.

Well, ladies (and gents if you're out there reading this)... it all boils down to one cold hard truth of being a Mom. I don't take enough time for myself! there. I said it. I know it's the trugh. I'm guilty. Just like every other mom out there. (WHY do we do this to ourselves?!)
My day looks a little like this:

  • +Wake up around 6:15-6:30. Get ready for work.
  • +Wake the kids up at 7:00 AM and get them ready for the day.
    (all of the above includes brushing teeth, getting dressed, etc). The kids eat breakfast at either school/the baby sitter's so I'm usually left without a breakfast. But that will all change thanks to Meagan! and this amazing recipe here that I have to try!
  • +7:20 take the kids to the baby sitter
  • +7:25 I leave for work.
  • +Work from 7:45 - 4:45 with only a 30 minute lunch somewhere in there, and lunch is usually spent rushing to eat because I've been on the phone with Josh
  • +5:05 arrive home. Give the kids an afternoon snack and play with them for about an hour or so.
  • +6:15 start prepping dinner
  • +6:30- 7 PM cooking, Zander sets the table, etc
  • +7:05 Josh comes home, and we eat.
  • +After dinner we start prepping the kids for bed time. This includes baths/ showers, reading books, giving good night kisses, and getting tucked in bed by 8:00
  • +Kids are in bed: I do the dishes, clean up, take a shower and finally sit down to watch like an hour of TV with Josh before we go to bed.
Don't get me wrong, Josh does help when I ask for it but mostly I forget to ask. By the time I sit down to watch TV I remember I haven't worked out, I haven't painted my toe nails (like I keep saying I need to do), I haven't folded or put away laundry from Sunday, and the cat still needs water.
Also, I haven't had a haircut in months. That's right, y'all... months. Most of this has to do with the fact that I'm terrified to let someone new cut my hair, but it's also because when it comes to the weekends when technically I should have free time to get my hair cut... I just don't. I come up with something that has to be done around the house, or something to do with the kids. It makes me feel a little better that I'm not alone in lacking of hair cuts (Thanks, Kasey)

I feel like I've gotten off track. Another issue from lack of sleep: my mind is wandering to a million and one different topics. Why are we here today? Sleep, Melissa... Sleep lack thereof.
So it's Monday, and in the spirit of linking up with Emily for Grateful Heart Monday's, I'm just going to throw it out into the world and say that even though I am extrondinarily tried, and I have too much going on, I'm grateful that 9 times out of 10 I don't let it show. I'm also grateful for makeup to make me look less tired zombie-like. I'm especially grateful that I have this blog and I can post silly thoughts like this! 
Grateful Heart Monday w/ Ember Grey


  1. I keep trying to comment and it's not letting me! :(

  2. oooh! Okay it's working now ;) Girl you need major rest!!! It's crazy how much it hits us on Monday and then we just kind of go with it the rest of the week (because we're forced to, haha!) I'll be wishing you lots and lots of coffee and then maybe a nap on Saturday!

  3. Get some rest girl! You need and deserve it!

  4. I think women as a whole do this! I thought I was going to have a meltdown last week, and then I snuck in a nap on Saturday. I felt so much better! Try to get some rest and take some time for yourself- if you're able to do so!

  5. props to you and other moms who balance such a heavy schedule. It not easy making time for yourself, but it is for sure worth it. I hope you get some much needed rest and find little moments throughout your day to relax or power nap. Have a wonderful week!

  6. So many moms fall in to this trap! Start small... Have your husband take the kids outside for an hour and you do whatever you want... Then build it up. It's so important!

  7. You're so busy! I think a lot of us forget to have time for ourselves... Balancing time in general is just REALLY difficult!

  8. woooo. Mommy life is tiring enough, then adding a job outside the home into the daily routine.. It can be rough! I feel ya!

  9. So true, so true. I've had 'paint toenails' on my list for a few weeks myself and it's probably not going to make it up to the top 3 (where it's more likely to happen) for months. Moms put everyone else first and foremost and forget that we need time for ourselves too...I hope that you take some time this weekend!!!!

  10. Gotta give yourself time, if not everyone will end up unhappy. You're a great mommy!

  11. Mama's gotta get some rest!! Take some time for some self care!! My new thing lately is that on Saturdays mornings, I spend a few hours alone. What?!? Even if it means Claire's just watching TV. Then I can catch up. I do a mask on my face, read, watch TV alone in my room, whatever that looks like! It's just ME time! Do it!!

  12. I think a mom and dad only vacay is needed!