Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Let Me Introduce Josh

We're trying something new today. We're going to let my hubby Josh kind of take over the blog and share his thoughts on some things. To do so, we're linking up with Becca from Becoming Adorrable and Amanda from Knock on Wood

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I sat down with Josh and asked him these questions provided by Becca. I typed his answers, so it counts as a conversation since we were talking face to face. Just go with it.

If you had a blog, what would you call it, and what would you write about?
[he's thinking very hard on this question].
I dunno. I'm not very good at coming up with names on stuff. You're the creative one.
Me: well, if you had to pick... right now... say anything
Geez, peer pressure much? *sighs* ok, I guess Reaper's Corner
Me: geez, dark much??
You know everything I name has Reaper in it. (it does... his xbox gamer tag is ReaperPeanut)
Me: OK... fair point, so what would you write about?
I dunno... probably about how much my wife annoys me with silly blog stuff. And how much work sucks.

If you could live inside any video game, which would it be?
Probably Major League Baseball just because that's the only game I own that doesn't have killing in it. I wouldn't want to live in a game where my life is at risk.
Me: I thought you had driving games too?
Oh yeah, but I still say baseball
Me: OK.

Who is your best player on your fantasy football team this season?
You're kidding right?
Me: That's the question
You know I don't do Fantasy Football.
Me: I had to ask the question! Plus, my readers don't know that kind of stuff.
Fine, Robert Quinn. (his cousin)

If you could play for any professional sports team, which one would it be?
Is professional eating an option, because I'm pretty awesome at eating.
Me: I don't think so...
Well, that's my choice and I'm sticking to it!

What do you typically do with an hour of free time?
Me: no, seriously.
I am being serious. If I have down time at work, I sleep in my truck if I can't talk to you.
Me: What about at home?
Watch T.V.
Me: you're so exciting. *as I stick my tongue out at him*
You married me. (his answer to everything!)

So.. that's Josh. Trust me, he's just as much of a smart ass as his answers sound, but he's my smartass and I love him.


  1. This is so funny!! haha. I love that he sleeps in his trunk. (I'm hoping he drives a truck?! ha!) And what he would write about hahaha. Our poor guys go through so much to be married to a blogger! ;)

  2. lol, he has a work truck. he delivers medical equipment for hospices, and if he doesn't have a call to do they tell him to hang out in the area, which usually means that he sleeps in the truck. lol.

  3. What a great choice to be in an MLB game so he didn't have to worry about his life. Very practical. haha.

  4. haha, sometimes he's a thinker. I really would've thought he would have picked one of his fighter games though. He cracks me up

  5. "Is professional eating an option, because I'm pretty awesome at eating"

  6. Ha! I want to be a professional eater too!

  7. Fun idea! I love the professional eating comment! I totally get it!

  8. HAHAHA I love how you did the back and forth commentary.

  9. haha thanks! I think it really make the readers feel how scarcastic he is. Maybe. LOL.

  10. haha! I'll let him know he has a fan base on this idea. maybe he's started something here.

  11. I'll introduce you to Josh so y'all can do a team or something. haha

  12. lol. He's such a goof. I call him a goober all the time.

  13. We would surely whoop some ass! :P

  14. "probably about how much my wife annoys me with silly blog stuff." BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  15. PROFESSIONAL EATING IS ALWAYS AN OPTION! I'm getting such a kick out of all of these posts.

  16. Amanda, I know you can hear him saying it, too!

  17. LOL. I'll let Josh know he has a huge fan base and he's on to something. :) Thanks!

  18. I love that the theme to that video game question is sports games so they don't get murdered!

  19. I love how you did the interview with your input!! My husband is used to hearing about my "silly blog stuff" too haha!

  20. And this is why Steve has yet to write a post for me!! Haha...men are cray!

  21. "Is professional eating an option?" Haha, I love it. Great answer.

  22. I love this written in the conversation format. You're the creative one -- haha, love that!

  23. hahaha crazy can be good for the blog every now and then ;)

  24. no kidding! it's good to know that even though they'd be living in a video game they won't have to die. :P

  25. hehehe. it seems to be the favorite. I told him that after work, and he got a big head about it, saying "maybe I should blog about eating!" haha. it'd be a one post blog about how much eating is awesome i think.

  26. haha. I am when it comes to the two of us, but I'm definitely not the DIY-er. :p
    thanks hun! :)

  27. Professional eating, that's a good one!!!

  28. Hey, I'm pretty awesome at eating too! I want on that team! ;) This is too funny - I love seeing the relationship between people on something like this and it's clear you guys have a laugh!

  29. aw thanks :) I thought it needed to be there to show just how sarcastic his answers were. He's a keeper anyway I think

  30. I love the "you married me" answer! lol! Thanks for linking up!