Friday, October 10, 2014

I Love You Always Forever

Admit it... now that song is in your head. It's been in my head for days, and it totally brings back memories of going to Skate Along USA. Anyone familiar with the Norcross, GA area knows all about skate along. We used to go there for skate nights for elementary and middle school, and Donna Lewis was definitely one of the artists played a LOT.

Last week I didn't participate in Meagan's blogger love link up. It made me sad, but I needed a chance to vent and really let it all out on the blog. I feel much better this week. There's still a lot on my mind, but I'll work through it.

OH, y'all! I almost forgot to even mention this in a post! So, Ainsley... you know, my sweet loving 19 month old baby girl. Well, she's been not wanting to go to bed lately. If you recall from Wednesday, she's my trouble maker so of course she'd be the one to refuse bed time.
What she's been doing is getting out of bed, opening the bedroom door, and just standing in the hall watching Josh and I in the living room. Creepy, right? It scares me everytime I see her in the hall.... just standing there! So one of us will get up, put her back to bed, aaaand lather, rinse, repeat... you get the idea. This goes on for at least an hour before she finally gives into the sandman.

WELL. If you saw my instagram on Monday night, Josh decided to try something new. He sat (in a very small SpongeBob chair) outside of the kids' room. And waited. Sure enough, Ainsley opened the door to come out. When she did Josh scared the everliving daylights out of this poor child. She also didn't get back up to come out. (Don't worry, y'all... Josh gave her a hug and kiss and made sure she was OK before he came back into the living room). Yes, we're THOSE parents.

Also, this may have happened last weekend. I'm still laughing about it.

Anyway... it's Friday. Tomorrow I'm going to a wedding. Yesterday I did a VLOG! Whaaaat? It's going to be a great weekend.
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All The Joys Friday Favorites
My faves this week:

+ Kasey from Kasey At The Bat wrote a really amazing post about how to talk to women about sports. It's an open letter to a writer at Men's Health. The article it was written about has been taken down, but if you're like Kasey and myself (women who love sports!), Kasey's post needs to be read (and shared!). Even if you're a woman who's not crazy about sports- you still don't need to talk to them like they're idiots.

+ Kiersten at She is Fierce had some really amazing stuff to say about Finding Inspiration and forcing creativity. I know, I'm sure you're like me and thought, "what? forcing creativity?" But she makes some really amazing, valid points.

+ Meagan at All The Joys (aka, host of this amazing link up!) wrote about getting extra cash in your pocket (or pay pal account). Seriously, who out there in the blogging world wouldn't love some extra cash. Meagan hasn't had to pay for anything blog related out of her own pocket thanks to these awesome tips.

+ Becca from Becoming Adorrable shared some excelled advise on How to Run a Kick Butt Sponsorship. Personally, I thought it was really great advise! PLUS there are discounted sponsorship oportunities.

+ Katie from Hot Tea and the Empty Seat had a lot of really amazing posts this week. You should just go read her blog. But I really loved this one: Celebrating the Little Things. So simple and so sweet. She reminded me to just stop and smell the roses, so to say.

+ Did you see the Golden Vlogs from Faith's Linkup? Go on over to Life w/ Mrs G & The Artist and check out all of the vlogs this month. I love hearing voices to the blogs I've been reading. So fun! PS: I'm in the linkup! hehe.

What favorites did y'all have this week? I'm so glad I was able to read more this week. I still have so much to catch up on, but I also love this linkup as a way to read blogs I haven't seen yet! YAY!

Oh, and before we go... speaking of Becca... Once again this week I've gone over a 500 word mark, so I'm also linking up with Becca from Becoming Adorrable to finish off her week of 500 word challenge! Happy Friday!
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  1. I missed some of these...have to go check them out. Still laughing over the bubbles!

  2. I really wish I had gotten the bubbles on video! It's still hilarious. I'm laughing just thinking about it. She's an oddball that child of mine. But who am I to try and stop her independance? Even if she wants to blow her own bubbles but ends up just drinking the soap? haha.

  3. hahaha!!! Oh my gosh- poor sweet Ainsley!! That little hunny pie. She certainly keeps you on your toes! I used to nanny for a little boy who, when we'd be watching a movie, would turn his head around to stare juuuuust behind me, and then look back at me, and then turn back around to the tv. I SWORE he was seeing a ghost or something and it scared the crap out of me every time!!!

  4. haha! She's something else that's for sure. I'm fairly sure it's because she's the second kid and we know that as long as she stays out of the chemical cabinet she'll be OK. LOL. Gosh that makes me sound like a bad mom.... 0:) That's funny about the little boy though. It would totally scare me too! Sometimes I swear Zander has conversations with his grandparents that have passed away.

  5. That is hilarious and so cute. Kids can do the creepiest things! Sometimes my 18-months-old niece will stare at you and start talking in this whispery, demon-like voice. No idea where it comes from but it scares us to death!

  6. HAHA Zander did that a few times when he was that age. NO clue where in the world it came from though. creepy.

  7. ahhhhhhhhhhh that's me!!! thanks girl :) also that's TOO funny about the bubbles!

  8. Hahaha you're funny. :) I'm convinced Ainsley gets her intelligence from me

  9. Congrats on the new car! Are you still doing the blog around the world thingy?

  10. Somehow I missed the bubble burp.....hahaha!! That's pure awesomeness!!

  11. Thanks for linking up AND sharing my post, feeling the love!! The visual of a bubble burp is priceless :)

  12. I always worry about them ingesting bubbles, I guess they are harmless?!?! :) Too funny!