Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Rhymes Are the Bomb...

Have you ever had to come up with rhymes to anything on the spot? No? Well, I can honestly say I have mad respect for rappers now. (See what I did there? Too lame?) OK... moving on. For those of y'all reading that haven't had the need to rhyme literally any word with another word on the spot allow me to introduce you to my son, Zander. Sure y'all have heard about him and seen his (adorable) face around these parts, but what y'all don't know about Zander is that he's obsessed with rhyming (and counting).
Knock on Wood
Today is the 15th, and if you were around here on the 15th and 30th of last month, then you know that today we're linking up with Amanda from Knock on Wood for #MyConversations. Check out the rules. Go ahead, I'll give you a minute... (Easy, right?)
This week, I present to y'all
Rhyming With My Boy
*in the car*
Zander: What rhymes with [long pause here to think of a word] House?
Me: Oh, that's easy: mouse, spouse.
Zander: Well what does house start with?
Me: H.
Zander: oh, yeah. [giggles a little]. Well, what does Fridge rhyme with?
Me: uhhh.... I don't know. Josh what does fridge rhyme with?
Josh: smidge?
Me: oh, yeah good one! smidge!
Zander: What does pizza rhyme with?
Me: [panic!] um. I don't think there is one, Bud.
Zander: yes there is. lots of words rhyme. like hat and cat.
[OK, smarty pants!]
Me: you're right! good job, but I don't think pizza has a rhyming word.
Zander: what about monkey?
Me: [by this point I'm out of words!] um...babe help me out!!
Josh: funky! [he then breaks out in a finger dance as he's driving and starts singing] Brass Monkey! That funky monkey!

Clearly I'm terrible at rhyming and my son is obviously smarter than me. Also, I Googled it: there isn't an English word that rhymes with pizza. Zander didn't like that bit of information. Sorry, kid orange doesn't have a word either. I love that Zander is so fascinated with words (and numbers). School is really amazing for him.
Also, Zander and I can't take a serious picture anymore. We're cool like that.
Anne, because I love you so much I'm linking up with you this week (per the norm!)
for Wednesday Wishes.
Love the Here and Now
My wish this week is that Zander never tires of wanting to learn. I wish that he always finds joy in wanting to know more about the world around him. I wish that I can help him in any way that I can to make sure he gets the knowledge that he's looking for. I love my little smarty pants. Even when he's being a smart alec! I wish he stays just as cool as he is now, because let's face it- my kid is awesome. (Totally unbiased Mom opion right there! haha!)
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  1. That's so sweet! What a smart kid!

  2. He's too smart for his own good sometimes! lol. He's awesome though. Love him!

  3. haha awww nothing rhymes with pizza. But my mom made up a new color called "Yourange" that would rhyme with orange. It's yellow-orange. hehe.

  4. hahaha "yourange" that's great. another reason your mom is awesome! :D

  5. Adorable! (And I totally had Brass Monkey in my head as soon as Josh rhymed 'funky' LOL)

  6. bahaha! Great minds think alike! :D that's great!

  7. I'm glad you googled it, because I probably would have spent the rest of the day trying to rhyme pizza. also, never forget that time Lil Wayne rhymed Target with target.

  8. hahaha!!!! Oh my gosh, that's the cutest conversation!! Zander is just an awesome little hunny pie and that's all there is to it!

  9. hahahaha! thanks so much for reminding me of that! I HAD to google it though. It bothered me to no end that I couldn't think of a word! :D haha

  10. thank you so much!! :D He's way too smart for his own good. I like to think he takes after his mama. hahaha. ;)

  11. oh my gosh how cute! When I was a nanny I had the funniest conversations with the kids and part of me misses it. Not enough to have a kid of my own or go back but this definitely brought me back to that!

  12. haha thanks so much! :D Remeber that bill crosby show "kids say the dardest things?" yeah... that's MY kid. haha. he cracks me up! Glad I could bring back funny memories.

  13. Thank you!!! I think Zander has a career as a rapper ahead of can sit back and enjoy it and eat pizza while he rhymes away.

  14. so sweet! love his little personality! i remember when Claire went through the rhyming stage...super annoying, but fun. :)

  15. hahahaha this made me laugh so much reading this! <3 you're so great.

  16. He's definitely something else! And YES... super annoying but super fun. I'm just glad he's curious.

  17. Awww what a cutie pie! I love it when kids start rhyming and figuring out how smart they are!